What is Source and Finding Source in Everything


Do you want to live the life you desire and find your gift and talents and share these with the world? I would like to share some powerful and very easy things you can do to raise your vibration that will bring you into the allowing mode. And as you do this you will definitely feel more and more good. Play with it, get in an endless loop, skip things, add things, find your way in this, keep doing this until it becomes a part of your (morning) ritual. Words don't do much it is the feeling they evoke within us because it is all and only about the vibration you're sending out, the seeds you're planting. And see what it will do for you right after the first time you'll start doing this.

What is Source and Finding Source in Everything

The most easiest way to start this vibrational momentum is somewhere outside when you are walking or biking or sitting on your balcony or looking outside or if you like looking at photo's of nature in a magazine. When you ask yourself the question: "What is Source" and say "I want to find Source in Everything" you start emitting a frequency that allows Source to reveal itself. When you are walking outside and are looking at the trees, what do you see? What does it give? And what do you feel? Strength, stability, change, growth, shadow, beauty, colors. The same with a flower, Source is the beauty, the colors, the creativity, the love, the design, the trust (it doesn't doubt if it will become or stay a flower), health, growth, progress. Even with light Source gives you safety, ease, coziness, magnifies the space. It is not just a lamp, tree, flower, bush. It is much, much more than just the names we gave it. It is the same Consciousness that makes all your cells and organs and body parts function in complete harmony with each other remember?

Source is energy, the Great Consciousness that consists of particles in endless forms and that holds everything together, your body and actually e-ve-ry-thing. Everything you can see in your world could not exist without Source holding the particles together. When you're back inside, continue doing this for a few minutes, looking for Source in your table, your floor, your kitchen, your bed, your closet. What is Source? What do you see? What does it give? What do you feel? This allows Source to reveal itself into your visible world and manifest itself through your dreams, wishes en desires. It also allows your belief in the truth of WHO YOU ARE  which is the receiving / allowing mode. This is a very beautiful and happy way to strengthen your connection with Source Energy.

Always have hope, take care of your dreams and set your intention to believe in your heart that your prayers have been heard and it is given. Because it is done. Ready for you in the vibrational reality, so make sure you get there.




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