Taking Your Power


Do you want to live the life you desire and find your gift and talents and share these with the world? I would like to share a powerful and very easy thing you can do to raise your vibration that will bring you into the allowing mode. And as you do this you will definitely feel more and more good. Play with it, get in an endless loop, skip things, add things, find your way in it, keep doing this until it becomes a part of your morning ritual. It is not about the words you speak but the emotion with which you speak them into The Field. It is all and only about the vibration you're sending out, the seeds you're planting. And watch what it will do for you right after the first time you'll start doing this.

Getting Up To Speed With Your Inner Power

When you wake up just before you get up take a few minutes to set your frequency for this unborn day. This way you are making the momentum of good feelings stronger and you will bring yourself in the receiving / allowing mode.

Say as if you mean it:

Good morning! Yes! I am here again! I just so wanted to be here today to unwrap my gift and share this with the world! I will give today the best of me. I expect this day to be the best day of my life! I have great expectations for this new day and I have big expectations for me. I will give this day my everything. I will align with my inner Power and create miracles for me. I will allow everything I touch turn into gold for me. I enjoy my freedom, I so enjoy the freedom of choice, I understand that e-ve-ry-thing is energy! Everything consists of particles including me! Great Consciousness is everywhere, there does not exist a place where it is not, today I am aware of my connection with this Great Consciousness, today I am aware that this Consciousness holds all the particles together so I will be able to perceive it, I believe I can mold and direct this energy anyway I want even though I can't see it now, I believe Great Consciousness wants me to be happy and loves me unconditionally, and today I am aware of its infinite support, today I am aware of its infinite fun, today I am aware of its infinite ideas, today I am aware of its infinite generosity, today I am aware of its infinite help, today I am aware of its infinite kindness, today I am aware of its infinite clarity, today I am aware of its infinite guidance, today I am aware of its infinite inspiration, today I am aware of its infinite creativity, today I am aware of its infinite beauty everywhere around me, today I am aware of its continuous focus right at me, today I am aware of its infinite intelligence that is available for me at all times, it is all available for me, all good things are available for me! Everything I want and long for is available for me, today I am allowing the most beautiful versions of me to show up in my life, I believe in the vibrational reality where Great Consciousness holds the most beautiful versions of me, for me to manifest, I believe that vibration proceeds manifestation, today I feel strong, today I feel healthier than ever, today I feel invincible, today I trust that all is well for me, today I believe that things ARE always working out for me, today I feel great, today I feel happy, today I am allowing all that I AM, I know today will be my best day ever!

Always have hope, take care of your dreams and set your intention to believe in your heart that your prayers have been heard and it is given. Because it is done. Ready for you in the vibrational reality, so make sure you get there.


Thanks to the always beautiful explanations of Steve Rother and The Group.



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