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At this moment we as humans are living  in a very special time, that gives us the choice to step into or to reach for the 5th dimension or to stay in the 3rd dimension. Sticking to the old beliefs, judgments, habits and stories or reaching for new beliefs, turning our focus inwards to what feels right in our hearts, changing our habits and changing our stories. Maybe you recognize some of these things that you are dealing with at this moment. What this means in real life is that we are letting go of old beliefs that don't match the person we have become. So we want to turn things around, we want to make new choices, create new beliefs, reach for the life and the bliss that we deep in our hearts know exists for us. We look around for information that can help us find the power in ourselves to create the life we want in our health, our relationships, our careers, our ideas and our passions. Because we stumbled upon a deep desire within us to look way beyond what we believed to be true.

There has never been a time that there were so many resources available that can help us in finding our way to the answers of "Who Am I" and "What is my purpose" in this Universal Story. Seminars all over the world of great teachers are happening every day! Helping us to pick up our power and create the life we want, did you notice? New books with information, webinars, youtube video's, blog posts are all made by people who picked up their power and are shining their light! What beautiful people they are! Thank you! 

This website is born out of the idea to shine our light and speak our truth that lives inside our hearts. Led by Spirit is for people who like wearing or decorating their house with designs, texts or symbols simply because it makes them feel happy and for people who want to touch hearts by sharing their knowledge or people who want to express their beliefs, their interests and their passion through the designs, texts or symbols. So we offer leading edge designs, a lot of information with links to explore and expand yourself and we offer free downloads to re-strengthen your connection with the Power that creates your world, everything that exists and unconditionally loves you. 

  • Links to external websites we think may offer you valuable information to enlarge your awareness of Who You Are.
  • Free downloads to re-strengthen your Source connection at the bottom of each page to create the blissful life you want.
  • All our products are made in the US and we mainly sell in the US, however we also do ship international because we want everyone, everywhere to enjoy!
  • We are working from the Netherlands
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  • info@ledbyspirit.com

We hope our website lives up to your expectations and will bring a smile to your heart.







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