Great Consciousness

Where Did That Come From?

When something happens out of the blue
Most people heard about the Law of Attraction that is always operational. For those who don't know, it is a universal law just like the Law of Grav...

Reprogramming Old to New

Reprogramming Old to New
Did you ever try to get more money using affirmations or to feel more self-worth? and did it work or did you try it a few times and then draw the c...

Are You In or Out?

Are you in the vortex or out of the vortex
That is the most important question you may want to ask yourself immediately when you are aware that you're experiencing negative emotion whatever ...

The Divine Matrix

Law of attraction explained

T-shirts, posters, statues, candles, do we really need them? There are as many perspectives on every subject as there are people. But when you come to think of it,

The Universal Expansion

The Universal expansion
Have you ever heard of the eternal expansion of the Universe? If you don't here is a short lead that can help you make a picture in your mind. We a...

The Launching of Led by Spirit

The Launching of Led by Spirit
Led by Spirit is a webshop with beautiful leading-edge designs, a lot of information with links to explore and expand yourself and offers free down...